im kicking myself that i shared spit with you heres your new blood, tranfusion took us all night tell us that your allright Is it gravity? Chemistry? Physically pullin me, what could it be boy?

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Is it gravity? Chemistry? Physically pullin me, what could it be boy? [entries|friends|calendar]
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i cheated myself, like i knew i would [27 Nov 2007|02:14am]

does anyone still read this?

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[31 Mar 2007|10:38pm]
does anyone still read this shit?
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our trip to Islamorada & Holiday Isle! [12 May 2006|08:30pm]

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[29 Apr 2006|07:48pm]

my baby and i ^^

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! [11 Feb 2006|02:59am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

finally 18 and in love <333

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[03 Oct 2005|01:21pm]

Don Omar - Dale Don Dale
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It get's so real sometimes.. [29 Aug 2005|11:24pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

As we grow up, things change.
People change.
We change.
Eventually you realize the people you care for the most.
The people that mean the most to you.
The people that share a bond with you that no one else does.
And it's that one person that makes you wanna wake up everyday, just so you can enjoy their presence.
It's the person you admire.
The person you love.
Many people might've found that person a while ago.
And I thought I did.
But recently I've found myself to be ignorant in that case.
I now know who I can really trust.
I now know who shares every thought with me.
I now know who I can consider my best friend.
Who I can act completely retarded with, and it'll be ok..

Who will always make me laugh.

She's the strongest person I know.

I admire her for that.

I am ever so grateful to have her as a best friend. 



And I love this girl to deathCollapse )

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IMPORTANT!@?!#!@$!%!@!$$$!!@@! [09 Apr 2005|06:34pm]

Dear Culter Ridge,

April 11, 2005. Whispering Pines Elementary Cafeteria. 6:00 PM!!

This is where many will vote on the name for our "new city" (Culter Ridge)

Is it very important that as many people as possible go and voice your opinion!!!

If you all care to keep it "Cutler Ridge" then go to the meeting and say so!!!!!!

If you all like being known as Ridge rats then we have to do all we can to keep it Cutler Ridge!!!@!@#!@!

I wanna see all the Ridge rats there!!@#!

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PICTURE TIME!! [16 Mar 2005|07:53pm]

^ Our View from our room. God knows why there were so many cars off in the distance

Cheers to being the 3 hottest girls at one table. Oh yea and to a great time in Orlando

Toking in the bathroom. Yupp, we don't follow the rules very well. lol



What happens in Orlando, stays in OrlandoCollapse )

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shes got you wrapped up in her satin and lace, tied around her little finngerrrr [04 Feb 2005|12:25pm]

This week has been..odd. Just a little bit. I've been fucking exausted all week and I don't know why.

-I'm doing alot better in school now.

-Work is grrrreat!

-My boss is a trip and a half  (in the gay voice) "sometimes when I hold a sub in my hand, I feel really weird" lmfao

-Payday was yesterday BLING BLING!

-My underwear draw broke, lol


FEB 11TH!!

The big 17!! I'm so excited I'm basically crapping myself. Haha, no, I'm just kidding.


It's my birthday present from my mom. It's going to be so fucking hott. I'll post pictures of course.


Speaking of tattoo's I was asked to show off Miguels new tat. It's hott.

I can't wait to get mine! I'm so excited. Tomorrow at 5 o clock!


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CHILI COOK OFF PICTURES!! [31 Jan 2005|02:27pm]

OMG I HAD SUCH A BLAST!! Big and Rich were amazing. Absolutely amazing. Like a fucking orgasm. AHHH! What a wonderful performance. They had the cowboys screaming "SAVE A HORSE" and the cowgirls screaming "RIDE A COWBOY". Oh man, It was great. Miguel took me and there we met up with Priscilla and peeps.

(From Left to right : Me, Priscilla, Liz, Catherine, Hannah and Chuchi )

The Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders were there. Talk about fucking hott. Dancing on stage to "The devil went down to Georgia"




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Your dance, you drive, you make me feel alive [16 Jan 2005|06:05pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Someones fucking with the wrong people, and when I find out who the fuck it is their going to get whats coming to them. You don't fuck with my house and my family like that. Shits going to hit the fan.

This weekend has sucked. And its still sucking because theres one more day to go.

I'm about to go crazy. Have a fucking breakdown. I want someone to talk to. I want a shoulder to cry on. I want someone.


I went paintballing today. Got shot the fuck up. Many times. Some assholes don't understand what "IM OUT!" means.



All you gotta do is smile at me and down I go. There ain't nothing bout you, that don't do something for meCollapse )

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*dum dum dum* [29 Apr 2003|09:55pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

*music stops*

Access Denied!!

[watch out now]

This is the life of a 16 year old girl who is just as confused as you are. If you wanna come inside, just leave a comment and I'll get back to you! now ready set go!
add me dammit! :)

<33 Kimmi
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