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Is it gravity? Chemistry? Physically pullin me, what could it be boy?

Being strong just makes it worse, what should I do? I'm torn in two

I'm a fuckin Rock Star
11 February
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They can break me, make me. If they want they can chase me. Love me, hate me, I don't care anymore.
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tHis is.. uhhh errmmm hmmm FRIENDS ONLY

Yea, I'm that crazy little white girl.

I'm Kimmi & I'm a fuckin Rock Star. Im 17, I go to corp academy south. I live in miami *woop woop* I'm crazy. I love life and life loves me! I LOVE ICED TEA & CHEESE!! I have 22 peircings, 15 earings, my eye brow, my nose, navel, anti navel, the 2 sides of my navel, and left nipple. I have one tat. I have brown hair and green eyes. I'm 5'3, 110 lbs and yea I'm left handed and wayy cooler than you. ;)

The used. MSI. Kelly Clarkson. Blink 182. T.I. Big & Rich. SR-71. Leann Rimes. Head Automatica. MEST. AFI. Poison the well. Something corporate. Alkaline trio. Toby Keith. New found glory. Brand new. Die trying. Pitbull. Matchbook romance. Trick Daddy. Pennywise. Three days grace. Seether. Smile empty soul. The beautiful mistake. No doubt. Staind. Tim Mcgraw. Glass Jaw. Dashboard confessional. Thrice. Lords of acid. Deftones. Mase. Senses fail. Bright eyes. STORY OF THE YEAR. My chemical romance. Lindsay Lohan. Goo goo dolls. Bob Marley. Furhter seems forever. Ying Yawn Twins. Gretchen WIlson. One man army. ICP. Fiona apple. Ludacris. Outkast. Nelly. Tori Alamaze. Brooks & Dunn. 36 crazy fists. Trillville. Less than jake. Sublime. Incubus. Sugarcult. 311. Thursday. Weezrer. Unwritten law. Nirvana. Yellowcard. Trapt. Keith Urban. Soad. Mario. Happy hardcore. Ill nino. Black eyed peas(nigga!). Trust company. Chevelle. Offspring. Avril Lavigne. From autumn to ashes. 112. Korn. Unsung zeros. Alan Jackson. Benni Benassi. Queen. The ataris. Simple plan. Jimmy Buffet. Senses fail. All american rejects. Usher. Evanescence. Saves the day. Lil Jon. Pearl jam. Matchbox 20. Taking back sunday. Finch. Well of course theres more but i cant think of any more. For now.

I rock!

And it's the sweeeeeettt love that you give to me. That makes me believe we can make it through anything. 'Cause when it all comes down, and I'm feeling like I'll never last, I just lean on you 'cause baby you're my better half.

Life is a balance of holding on, and letting go.

I like em fast and crazy.